“Show me your voice”: after three years of absence, M6 relaunch the music game with Issa Doumbia and Elodie Gosouin

After an absence of three years, the program “Shawni Sawtak” returns to M6 channel. As a reminder, this music game is an adaptation of the South Korean variation “I Can See Your Voice”! In France, former beauty queen and host Elodie Gossuin will lead this entertainment program produced by Warner Bros International Studio, accompanied by the famous actor Issa Doumbia.

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– Distinguishing experienced singers from amateurs

From 9.10pm on July 8, viewers of the six will have the chance to find out. In the show, a pair of unknown players will undertake the task of discovering popular singers and amateurs from among nine mystery candidates. The latter will also be helped by characters who come to lend a helping hand to them.

Such as Hélène Segarra, Michel Bernier, Romain Dudwyk, and Natacha St-Pierre as reported.”Western France. Without forgetting Elodie Frégé, Anne-Sophie Girard, Philippe Lellouche, Anggun and Florent Peyre who should be present in the first numbers with guest singers. The names of Sharifa Luna, Anne Sela and Joyce Jonathan are also on the list.

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Less than 6% of the audience share for the last issue

Throughout the evening, participants will have to search for the slightest clue to conduct their investigation. In front of the camera, the mysterious singers will perform and participate in various events of all kinds. In addition to playtests and the “Secret Studio,” they will have to perform a group song while their microphones will be turned on back-to-back. Another important detail: their voice will be modified! During the final duet with the invited star, the unknown players will have to knock out the real artist!
With the key? €20,000 in winnings!

The show was launched three years ago, and was hosted solely by Issa Doumbia. But after two numbers: the first was followed by 2.2 million viewers (i.e. 10% audience share), while the second convinced 1.3 million viewers (5.9% PDA).

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