Signal updates so you don’t regret WhatsApp

A new update is available for your Signal messages. On Android and iOS, the new version includes many new features that focus on the user experience, exactly the contrary Previous security patches that were installed by Signal to deal with the mass migration of WhatsApp users to its application.

The time for technical difficulties seems to be over. A few days ago, Signal had to focus all its resources on the technical platform. In light of the exponential growth of message profiles, some users are reporting concerns like Lack of reception Some letters.

Now the Signal team can focus on other points. Particularly viewable. Messages seem to avoid taking risks and not making you regret Your departure from WhatsApp. In fact, new customization tools are available. The traditional white or black backgrounds, which have worn off our dialogs until then, can now be replaced.

In the old version we got used to Signal on a black or white background, and a simple user experience overall © Presse-citron

Wallpapers are available in the app, but you can also take a picture from your gallery. It will also be possible to configure to modify the background of a particular conversation or all of your conversations. This tool, of course, reminds us of WhatsApp, while other messaging programs like Messenger do not allow you to add a custom wallpaper.

Also, iOS (5.3.1) and Android (5.3.7) versions add animated stickers. according to Android Police, Numbering will be 24 and they can provide an alternative to simple emojis to express yourself creatively. Finally, your profile can now add a few words in the “About” section about you. Until then, it was only possible to change your profile picture.

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Finally, Signal provides you with more parameters in managing your data. An important point to avoid finishing bypassing the packet. Note, for example, that you can suspend the automatic download of images or resize them before saving them.

Now all you have to do is wait for your friends to resort to the app. For this, rival Telegram doubled its efforts and found Very interesting solution.

Other than that, we prepared a demo video for WhatsApp alternatives:

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