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C’est sur son compte Twitter que Dusk Golem, un nom qui revient fréquemment lorsqu’il s’agit de fouiller dans les coulisses des jeux d’horreur, a publié ces images vendridi en prétendant qu’elles sont issues Hill d’un in progress. A signed illustration from October 2020 bears the signature of Masahiro Ito, artistic director of the first three episodes of the saga. We also see what the protagonist could be, prey to what appear to be the nightmares of a tormented teenager.

According to the author of the leak, Sony Interactive Entertainment will be a “participant” in the project and the latter will be the result of a collaboration between several studios. What gives these images some credibility, of course, is the fact that Dusk Golem’s Twitter account was exposed a few hours later before DMCA complaint From Konami itself.

Remember, Konami will already be active with several partner studios to bring color back to Silent Hill but also Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. As a reminder, Konami had considered making important announcements at E3 2021 before confiscation.

In the case of Silent Hill, sources clearly indicate the start of several projects. In addition to the image represented in these photos, the Polish studio Bloober Team (The Medium) had on its part inherited a new version of the very popular Silent Hill 2, with a reworked puzzle program and new endings, if we are to believe the sources Jeff Group. Once again, Sony Interactive Entertainment will be on it, which will result in a temporary console exclusive to the PS5.

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