Simple shoe box that helps the environment

The compact size and creative shapes allow you to use the Standbox to protect, transport and display shoes. And the packaging is easily disposed of

For some, this is a trend, for nearly everyone it is a mandatory turning point, there is definitely that sustainability is a key factor for companies and startups involved in developing technologies and products. Many innovations in this area relate to solutions that renew existing processes and accessories, which have been revisited in an environmental key. In this group it falls Standbox, a Packaging for displaying, protecting and transporting shoesWhich is beautifully presented and reduces the burden on the environment from the boxes used for the shoes.

The Small dimensions allow you to use it while saving space, A concept that applies to the manufacturer (in the construction phase), to the seller (by looking at distribution) and to the end user (whether in arranging shoes at home or in disposing of them). In addition to A variety of shapes is also associated with creativityAnother practical benefit is the reduced use of plastic compared to standard packaging, as well as the possibility of disposing of the plastic or paper bags that come when purchasing a pair of shoes.

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