Simple solution to secure your online accounts

With the multiplicity of accounts we use on a daily basis on the internet, we may be tempted to use the same password multiple times. It’s wrong: we explain why.

It’s a fact that having to remember dozens of passwords is complicated, yet the process is very safe: in fact, if you use only one or two passwords to secure all your online accounts, you risk seeing all your access compromised at the lowest level of security pierces. Imagine: the password for your messaging system is the same as for your access to social networks. If one of your accounts gets hacked, the hackers will only have to test the same password somewhere else, and they will have access to all your data. The possibility of trembling down your spine!

Use a simple and secure password generator

So it is very important to have a unique password for each access, but that does not solve the big question: how do we save it? It’s simple: by installing Avira Free Security on your computer. This suite of programs includes a secure password generator, but that’s not all: it suggests storing them in a digital vault that only you can access. This way, you only have to save one password: the one that gives you access to all the others. Avira Free Security also includes antivirus, phishing protection, and several optimization tools for your PC. By installing it on your device, you will be able to surf the Internet in a completely safe manner.

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In partnership with Avira

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