Six Days in Fallujah – Reproduces true stories from the toughest battle of the Iraq War

Victura and Highwire Games today announced the launch of Six Days in Fallujah, a first-person military tactical shooting game based on the true events of the 2004 Fallujah Battle of Fallujah in 2009. In 2009, Atomic Games announced the return of Six Days in Fallujah. Fallujah for the new publisher and developer, and an entirely new game being developed by large parts of the executive team behind the first Halo and Destiny games Six Days in Fallujah will be available for computers and consoles in 2021.

“Sometimes the only way to find out what happened is to see it for yourself,” says former Marine Sgt. Eddie Garcia, who was wounded in the Battle of Fallujah and proposed the original idea for six days in Fallujah in 2005. “War is full of doubts and difficult decisions that anyone sitting in front of the TV or the big screen and watching someone else make decisions for you cannot understand. Like any other medium, video games can help us understand real-life events.”

The second battle of Fallujah began in 2004 after al-Qaeda took control of one of the most important cities in Iraq. The battle turned out to be the most difficult military conflict between Western forces since 1986.

The Atomic Games announced six days in Fallujah in 2009. However, due to controversy over whether the video games were suitable for filming challenging and challenging real-world events, the project was abandoned by the original publisher. Victura is a publishing and production company that was founded in 2016 by former Atomic Games CEO Peter Tamte. Their goal is to bring six new days for Fallujah players – along with more games based on true stories.

Working with Marines and soldiers who fought on the front lines in the Battle of Fallujah, Victora and HiWire spent more than three years working on unique techniques and game mechanics. These aim to bring players closer to the uncertainties and tactics of modern combat than any video game before.

More than 100 Marines, soldiers, and Iraqi civilians who were present during the Second Battle of Fallujah shared their personal stories, photos and videos with the development team. The game gives these stories a voice through gameplay and eyewitness accounts, captured in documentary interview material. Six Days in Fallujah claims to be the most authentic military shooters today and tells both military and civilian stories with the level of integrity they deserve.

“It’s hard to understand how a battle actually works when you look at artificial people doing artificial things in artificial locations,” said Peter Tamte, CEO of Victora. This generation has shown self-sacrifice and courage in Iraq no less than any previous generation. And now they offer us a new way to understand one of the most important events of our century. It is time to question outdated stereotypes about what video games can be. “

Six days in Fallujah will be available for computers and consoles in 2021. More details on “Six Days in Fallujah” will follow in the coming weeks.

More information about the game is available at www.sixdays.comIncluding a letter from the team explaining why creating this game was important:

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