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The Rhineland-Palatinate Criminal Police Office (LKA) is warning of a new scam using fake SMS messages via package notifications, which are spread across the country and have already occurred in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Victims receive an SMS on their cell phone that says “Your package has been sent.” When you next click on the “duckdns.org” presumptive confirmation link, the malware is downloaded undetected and installed on the mobile phone.

Catching data using a speedball system

This malware redirects sensitive data unnoticed, spies on the contact list of the affected party, and then independently sends SMS messages containing the malware to different phone numbers, which may incur additional costs.

In one case, it was a woman who was using a smartphone From Mainz about 1000 such short messages Sent to their contacts, causing three-digit corruption.

With this scam, the culprits are taking advantage of the online shopping boom – after all, many people are currently waiting for a package, so it’s easy for them to fall for the scam and click on the link.

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