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Hybrid watches balance the full-fledged smartwatch with a display and classic wristwatches with analog indicators. Previous models used vibrating alerts to draw attention to news; for example, use an auxiliary indicator to visualize progress toward your daily fitness goal you set yourself. For some users, this just isn’t smart enough.

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At this year’s CES, Skagen is now preparing to make hybrid watches a little smarter: Presenter Jorn Hybrid HR still has traditional analog hands, but the dial consists of an electronic paper display, as one would expect e-book readers know. There, Skagen-Hybrid displays, for example, the steps taken so far, the current heart rate or information about notifications from the smartphone. Digital dialing can be customized upon request. Since electronic paper displays remain static and use electricity only when the content changes, they gnaw much less on the battery than OLED or full-on smartwatch LCDs. Skagen promises that the Jorn Hybrid HR will last more than two weeks on a single charge, depending on use.

With motion sensors and an integrated optical heart rate monitor on the underside, it is mainly suitable for fitness tracking. It should, among other things, record the number of steps, pulse, distance traveled, calorie consumption and progress towards individual goals. In addition, sleep phase recording and automatic workout recognition are available on the board. For smart functions, the watch is linked via Bluetooth to the Skagen Companion app installed on the smartphone.

The Jorn Hybrid HR will be available in black, silver and pink, each with a 42 mm case and a 38 mm case, with a leather, silicone or metal strap for 195 euros.

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