Land development. Both elected and resident officials called for Imagine McConné, south of Burgundy, in 2040

Starting Thursday January 14th, the first induction meeting, chaired by Christine Robin, who was re-elected at the helm of the PETR office last fall, will take place with the elected officials of the union office and the Scottish Committee.

This meeting marked the beginning of the development of the Padd project. It would be a matter of remembering the risks that arose from the diagnosis, which was identified last year, and providing a working method for developing Padd.

What do we want for the Mâconnais South Burgundy by 2040?

Thus the elected officials will have to set a strategy and diverse development goals such as habitats, environment, landscapes, trade, travel, economics, etc.

How do you control the demographic and housing balance? How to reduce private car trips that pose many environmental problems and saturate the main roads? What economic development, especially in relation to tourism and agricultural activities, that we want to promote? How do we avoid the rapid depreciation of agricultural, natural and forest areas, and landscape degradation in an area with a strong tourism dimension? How, in general, to preserve the environment?

A traveling exhibition and 3D movie

To all of these questions, elected officials and the inhabitants of Maconese Sud-Bourgogne will have to answer throughout the year, during the PETR consultation, with the common factor of improving people’s well-being.

To do this, a traveling exhibition will be presented in the municipalities, as well as a 3D movie, which can be seen through a virtual reality headset and its title. Welcome to the year 2040.

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