Slander 2 announced for 2023, free DLC for the first episode of December –

Contempt2 Has been Announced Gamescom is new in these minutes from 2021, as well Free expansion Coming to the first episode, it is scheduled for December and is titled Injuries to the event, Which will definitely end the story.

Very good Soul-like action RPG with components from MetroDuvania So Game Kitchen and Team 17 continue its course, ending the first episode with the final DLC and then the actual second episode.

Defamation: Eventite W il Injuries Completion DLC For the game, and distributed for free December 9, 2021 All existing platforms for the game. Also, the series will continue with slander 2, of which practically nothing is known but it is expected to come in 2023, so there is still time to get to know it better.

“We are very pleased to finally announce that we have begun the development of the Blasphemy series,” the Game Kitchen team announced today, “The community has shown so much love for the first episode, and we can not wait to share as much as possible!”

The scandal has sold more than a million copies, with data updated as of last March, so this could be considered a huge success for this type of indie title. To get to know him better, we look to you for a slander review on these pages.

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