T-Mobile hack: ‘Their security is terrible’ says hacker

It was revealed that Jon Baines, a 21-year-old American, is the hacker behind the T-Mobile hack. The operator recently confirmed that the data of more than 50 million customers had been stolen from its servers.

T-Mobile Hacker Speaks Out

Hacker chat with The Wall Street JournalBy not concealing his identity. He explains that he analyzed T-Mobile’s known addresses in an effort to find vulnerabilities. A publicly available tool (name withheld) found what he was looking for. And so the young man discovered an unprotected router. This discovery happened in July.

Once this unprotected router was discovered, John Binns was able to infiltrate the T-Mobile data center in Washington. He admits that he panicked at first because he knew full well that his access allowed him to see a lot of files he wouldn’t normally have access to. But he continued. It took him about a week to search the player’s servers, sort and download the data. This happened on August 4. On August 13, T-Mobile received information about a hack on its network. A few days later, the operator spoke publicly and informed its customers.

Security that leaves much to be desired

‘Their security is terrible’, the hacker appreciated while talking about T-Mobile. Why this hack anyway? “Making noise was a goal,” said the 21-year-old. He also wanted to attract attention. He claims that he was the victim of an illegal kidnapping that allegedly took him to a fake psychiatric hospital in Germany. “I have no reason to make up a fake kidnapping story and I hope someone inside the FBI will come out with information about it.”, did he say.

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Jon Baines, who grew up in the US but has lived in Turkey for three years, wouldn’t say if he sold T-Mobile customer data, nor would he say if he had any associates. For its part, the FBI office in Seattle is investigating this hack.

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