Smartphone or flagship cell phone – the cell phone suitable for the elderly

If you do not have a change of bus, you can pay for the ticket within a few seconds using your smartphone. Deutsche Bahn informs them of delays and train cancellations via push messages.

Features like these are also gaining in popularity among the elderly. Of the 1,000 graduate participants in Emporia “smart in everyday life,” for example, 88 percent said they use their internet-enabled mobile phone for WhatsApp or other messaging services. At the same time, nearly 41 percent of people between the ages of 65 and 70 said that a mobile phone had many functions that were too complex for them.

For this reason, there are now easy-to-use and inexpensive smartphones. Manufacturers like Emporia have designed devices specifically for the 65+ generation and have deliberately avoided gadgets. This should also give the best customers access to modern cell phone connections.

But what is a suitable mobile phone for the elderly? Should it have an internet connection or is the classic push-button phone enough? The best customers should think about what they want to do with their cell phone before purchasing. The smartphone can now be used by people over the age of 80 without any problems if it is designed specifically for the elderly and does not contain any technical bells and whistles. Meanwhile, there are also classic push-button phones with additional WhatsApp functions. So that the best of seniors can chat with friends and family. Phones that do not have any internet connection are still needed as the main cell phones.

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There are certain basic functions common to nearly all devices, including alarms, pocket calculators, and lights. Smartphones have other useful additions like weather forecast, calendar and camera.

President Emporia Pupeter has advice ready for interested elderly people and their relatives: “Go to a specialty store together and get advice. This reduces the fear of contact. So you can relax and choose the right device for you with expert advice – soon you will be able to chat with your grandchildren on WhatsApp.”

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