Troy Levitt, Head Designer at Hogwarts Legacy, Leaves Project – News

It’s by Liam RobertsonContributor to the channel Do you know games?Levitt’s commitments reappeared in mid-February. While his last video clip dates back to March 2018, his channel has amassed nearly 2 million views (with a modest total of 26,000 subscribers) on anti-feminist and anti-progressive productions and in the global movement of Gamer Gate and the American far. -right.

Who launched the #MeToo movementMoral panicHe explained that this channel, like its views, was never classified and that Warner Bros.They don’t seem to have any problems with them“.”Not that they support what I might say, of course, but they seem more interested in making good games than having some kind of social justice agenda; So there is hopeLevitt explained in a video after that.

Remains that Principal designer So Davalanche announced that he was resigning. An event, he said, had nothing to do with his personal opinions and their expression on YouTube, but could be justified by “ReasonsWhich will be shown in a future video. Leavitt maintains an impressive relationship with Warner Bros. And also with an avalanche Despite his departure.

Just a few days ago, Bloomberg relayed the information. “escape fromFrom the studio according to the developersHogwarts Legacy They were trying their best to incorporate the ability to create a transsexual hero into their character editor.

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