Sony offers free stay-at-home video games

Free until April 23These games are free for everyone. Including non-Playstation Plus subscribers. Sony wants through this process that “everyone continues to stay home to protect others,” according to the Japanese company.

After starting this process in the game Ratchet and clankNine new games are currently available for download from Sony’s PS Store: Explore adventure, platform and puzzle games, including four VR games Which requires owning a virtual reality headset. This free-to-play offer gives the indie games a center stage, as they take advantage of fewer financial resources to promote them, but are as rich and immersive as some games with mass distribution.

Crédits: Unknown Worlds / Fist Games

This is the case for example Supnautica. This game immerses you in underwater worlds, often magical, sometimes frightening, where You will have to survive after falling with your ship in the middle of unknown surroundings.

Two games in underwater worlds …

Built in an open world full of surprises, including several missions on land, Supnautica It will force you to find food, improve your immersion skills, discover new creatures and craft your gear … Above all, the Unknown Worlds title will prompt you to explore these mysterious underwater worlds to see the outcome of this adventure.

Abzû, developed by the creators of Journey. Credit: Giant Squid / 505 Games

Another free game that takes you into the world of aquarium: AbzeeIt is a standalone title that received a lot of attention when it was released in 2016. A mini-game that can be played in three short hours, in luxurious settings, with real knowledge of staging, and graphic footprint.

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Puzzles do not push the player to their limits, and Abzee He perfectly managed to replicate the atmosphere we imagine in the depths of the water… luminous plants, schools of colorful fish … elegant toy with great beauty.

The Witness, one of the standards in indie games. Credits: Thekla.

witness It is an pure puzzle game, mixed with an exploration element. Lost on an Island was nicely presented by freelance creator Jonhatan Blow (author cue In 2008), you will have to solve various puzzles and puzzles using Your reasoning and feeling noticed.

Pure puzzle game

Wandering around these settings is fun for the player, but it’s also a good reason to get lost in the logic of the game. witness It will dissuade some but it is a challenge that reaches the peak for fans of mental challenges.Credits: Sony / Polyark

Another title that deserves the attention of Playstation players who own a VR headset: moss.

This title is graphically misleading, as it captivates the player with the good nature of his characters and the interactions it provides, especially with groups. Designed for virtual reality, with special mechanisms for virtual reality, moss It is an exciting experience, Within the reach of all family members (Be warned, virtual reality helmets are prohibited for children under 12 years old.)

The title unfairly went a little unnoticed when it was released in 2018, but it will find players thanks to free entry.

Paper monster It is part of a UFO in the world of virtual reality games.

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Poetic, mysterious, leave free translation, this game was developed by Eric Chahi, game creatorAnother world, A title that characterized video games in the early 1990s.Crédits: Pixel Reef / Plug In Digital

Paper monster It takes you to a planet with strange weather phenomena, where you will meet mysterious paper creatures. This very immersive adventure with a helmet on your head, It often calls for meditation. A short but beautiful virtual reality game.

Games available for free on PS4 and PS5: Subnautica, Abzû, The Witness, Rez Infinite, Enter the Gungeon, Astro Bot: Mission Rescue (VR), Moss (VR), Thumper (VR), Paper Beast (VR), then Horizon Zero Down (April 19 to May 4) ). Regularly new free games will be offered for download.

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