Farm Manager 2021: now only released at the end of April

The new installment of the hit “Farm Manager” series has a different release date. The game was supposed to be released at the beginning of April, and now the release has been announced on April 29. “The quality of Farm Manager 2021 is our top priority. That is why we decided to spend more time testing the game before its release. This is not an easy decision, but we understand that the game still needs fine tuning,” the statement reads.

Prolog version receives good reviews

In January, developer “Cleversan Software” and publisher “PlayWay SA” published a beta version on Steam. In it you can play the tutorial, scenario and the first level of the campaign. Players rated the preview “mostly positive”. In the reviews on Steam, for example, she says, “It’s a really fun game up front and has a lot of potential. Let’s hope the depth gets expanded further in the main game and one of the other counties disappears. I’m curious like a bow.”

However, there are also criticisms of the reading: “60% of RAM used at 16GB. RTX 2060 screams and i7 loads around 50% … otherwise nothing will work on the computer. So there is no improvement over the previous one …” Plus In addition, some inconsistencies were mentioned in the gameplay, such as very small fields or workers pulling 100 kilograms by hand.

If you believe the ad, many points of criticism will flow from players to review. And there will be improvements in advance: “In the meantime, we plan to update the Prolog version and introduce new functionality that the community has requested.”

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What’s new in Farm Manager 2021?

In the new “Farm Manager 2021”, it is possible, subject to prior notice, to grow more plants. You can also run a deer farm for the first time. Thanks to the new game mechanics, you can manage your fields automatically with available workers and machines. The game description states that a more clearly structured user interface makes managing your workers easier. In general, the following applies again: “As a farm manager, you are responsible for a successful harvest. , Employee satisfaction, animal health, equipment efficiency, and proper handling of crops. “

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