Sony promises a catalog of amazing games upon release

PlayStation is about to make a big comeback to virtual reality with a new headset that promises great exclusive experiences.

Sony was able to do A first step into the world of virtual reality With the first PlayStation 4 headset Six years ago already in 2016. Under some competitor models on many characteristics, this helmet has proven itself as a good compromise. Allowing for a smooth and affordable entry into this new dimension of gameplay that is virtual reality, this version ran out quickly, especially with the arrival of the PS5.

Sony’s new console is much more powerful and well deserved VR headset model capable of honoring its performance. This will soon be the case as the manufacturer plans to release it PSVR 2 In the fairly near future. In fact, there is still very little information available on this topic, but Sony knows how to communicate on important matters.

Back in January, we had the right to get the first details about this futuristic new accessory. Then we learned that the helmet would be presented 4K OLED resolution with 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye and that the controllers will display Same features as the famous DualSense of PS5 (ie, adaptive stimuli and tactile feedback). By the way, we were also honored to discover the graphics of the first game developed exclusively for PSVR 2 in the form ofcross from epic horizon from guerrilla warfare.

Impressive catalog

This time, Sony just announced a surprising batch of games to celebrate the release of PSVR 2. During the manufacturer’s meeting with investors, the company’s CEO Jim Ryan announce:

Currently, we have a significant amount of our budget devoted to partnerships with many independent developers and third-party studios to ensure a stream of engaging content when PSVR 2 is launched.

Following this statement, it was confirmed At least 20 games from PlayStation or third-party studios will appear when the new Sony headphones launch. If you can stand out with a comprehensive and diverse catalog (unlike its predecessor), this console alternative to the classic virtual reality can prove itself as a real contender in this race for innovative and futuristic video games.

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