GTA 6: Staff teasing development progress, game coming soon? Not sure…

Since the development of Grand Theft Auto VI was formalized, information about the latter has become very scarce. However, although somehow the developers try to keep all the details about the next version of rock gameswithout relying on the many leaks and rumors that have surfaced in recent weeks.

In addition to some details about the content of the game with the supposed playable characters in particular, here is new information that has been recently discovered, coming directly from the professional profiles of the developers.

GTA 6, important information has been revealed on LinkedIn

Yes, it was without relying on the GTA community wanting at any cost the slightest information about the next title. And for that, what’s better than going Search different LinkedIn profiles for developers ? Most of the time, studio developers show the games they’re working on without a hitch, even if the game hasn’t been announced or is still in development.

This is the case of two developers from the starred company: Nathan Hunt and Ryan Schacter. If they claim to be working on GTA 6, Looks like Nathan Hunt is taking care of the scenes inside the game (create transitions or interactive scenarios), while Ryan Schacter works on animation in gameplay.


on me redditIt didn’t take long for fans to panic, and despite how little information these LinkedIn profiles provide, mentioning “Create transformations“Based on”interactive scenarios“It seems to confirm the fact that we will have the right to at least two main characters: a sister and her brother. This already indicates that we will be able to switch heroes, as in GTA 5 with our three characters Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

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Anyway, unfortunately, it’s still too early to know more, but according to Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two (the parent company of Rockstar Games), players should”keep followingFor future announcements of the starred company.

Release too late?

But when will we be able to play GTA 6? If players do not hesitate to joke on social networks that they will be able to play for the title with the children of the future, then the anxiety still grips the community.

Despite the last words of the parent company CEO, the roadmap for subsequent releases of the publisher does not at all indicate the slightest bit of GTA 6 until fiscal year 2025, i.e. 2026 for us as a player/consumer.

However, despite this absence, there is still a mention that games may be added in the future. We just have to cross our fingers and hope to know more very soon.

New weekly releases are now available in GTA Online. In this week’s new program, the Übermacht Revolter as well as the Bravado Youga Classic will win.

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