Sony reveals the most popular tricks of the community

Sony has decided to release a long series of images on its official social channels in which you can read some suggestions on the subject Souls of monsters The same was proposed Social PlayStation.

The Italian division of the Japanese company actually decided to ask fans to redistribute the FramSoftware title exclusively on the PlayStation 5 for their best advice on tackling the tough challenges surrounding Boletaria and then released a package Ten pictures In each of them you will find the most effective tricks in the proposed. Among these, you can find others that give tips on how to manage endurance, find invisible walls, and provide effective strategies to attract enemies individually and prevent the player from raging in groups.

Before leaving you for the photo gallery released by Sony PlayStation Italy, we remind you of the news that comes with it Demons Souls was the most downloaded PS5 game in Japan in 2020. You will also find an article with i on our pages 10 Reasons to Play in the New Demons Souls Remake for PS5.

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