Sony will work on – exclusive Pro controller with special features

According to local Tom Henderson, he has recently been in a large amount of dust, Sony There will be a job Pro Controller For PS5, With very advanced exclusive features. The announcement of the new hardware will be made in the coming weeks, according to reports.

Will the PS5 Pro controller be available soon?

The code name of the controller should be “Hunt”, while the features should be Removable sticksTrigger stops and rear buttons.

Henderson checked his source, provided him with pictures of prototypes (unpublished) and wanted to remain naturally anonymous to avoid complications.

According to insiders, the images show a controller in the classic PlayStation 5 style, so it looks like DualSense From a design point of view, but with some important differences, one of them is the buttons on the bottom of the analog sticks, which allows you to remove them. Sony calls them “removable stick units.”

Another advanced feature Trigger cessation On the back of the controller, it adds to the folding pads / buttons. These are innovations introduced in SCUF Gaming and NACON controllers that have become very popular among the most demanding gamers in recent years.

The prototype contains the gods Grip They are also removable, helping to hold the controller in place.

According to the same source, the so-called PS5 Pro controller locally will contain a major software update.

It is not clear when it will emerge, but evidence says it will come “soon”. Henderson, however, talks about the many new hardware released by Sony at the end of June, which was revealed to him by a number of sources (no new console, for those who are surprised), but it is unclear whether the PS5 Pro controller will also be a part of it. in it.

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As always, we invite you to seek cautious information from unofficial sources, however I must say that Henderson has proven to be very credible in his statements. Quisto recently revealed in advance that Hideo Kojima will be present at the Xbox event.

Veronica Tucker

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