Thunderbird mobile officially, Android version will be based on K-9 Mail

Only fifteen years after the iPhone was released, Thunderbird has finally started is rejected In a portable version. To bring the free email client to mobile, Mozilla isn’t going to start from scratch, but rather rely on it K-9 MailApplication open source Available on Android.

The current version of K-9 Mail

The developer of K-9 Mail has already joined the Thunderbird team. Its app will be renamed Thunderbird when it comes close enough to the design and functionality of the Thunderbird desktop. The roadmap includes simplified configuration of its email account, optimizations for folders, support for filters and syncing between platforms.

While the desktop version includes a calendar and address book, the mobile version of Thunderbird will focus primarily on emails. In addition, this mobile version will only take care of Android at first. An iOS version is under consideration, but nothing should be expected for a (long) period. An Android version release date has not been announced. Most impatience can be installed K-9 Mail Which will gradually evolve until it spreads its wings under the name Thunderbird.

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