Sorare launches its own mobile app

Sorare launches its app on Wednesday 4 May 2022. It is a fantasy football game that uses NFT technology to create virtual cards representing football players. Thanks to these cards, it is possible to participate in competitions in which you earn points according to the performance of players on the field. In this article, discover the Sorare ecosystem and the principle of the game through the various features of its application.

Team building is possible with the app very rare. You will be able to filter the competitions in which you would like your teams to score by card rarity (common, limited, rare, extremely rare, unique).

The app also allows you to filter the available contests according to the gallery you have. This allows you to improve your gallery management and create the best 5-card teams according to the competitions you are eligible for.

After selecting your competitors, you will be able to access the list of your players by position. A new sort option is introduced to help you design your team. You’ll be able to remove players who aren’t playing a match during the competition, but you’ll also be able to see players participating in other competitions so you can make last-minute tactical changes!

Once you build your 5, all you have to do is choose your captain and register your team for the competition.

You can also follow the live details of your players results with all the stats. The number of matches, duels won or lost, and all other statistics related to the players are available in real time.

Share your teams in one click

with the app very rareYou will be able to share your results with just one click. All you have to do is hit the share button on the top right of your different teams. This is an opportunity to prove your managerial qualities to your friends and to the world by directly sharing your teams privately with your friends or on social networks.

When you perform in competitions you organize very rare, you earn rewards. Application very rare Takes reward distribution to a new dimension with 3D animations that enhance card reveal.

The app is a real evolution of the user experience. More convenient than a mobile site, it will allow you to create your teams, follow the results of your players and collect your rewards in no time.

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