CDC, Data Project donate ICT tools to Z’bar

D4H business recently acquired an electronic server machine for a value of 135.630.646.74/_. The server hardware will be used to improve government response, monitoring, contact tracing, data collection, and reporting on public health threats. The donation is part of the US Government through the CDC to support the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar and the mainland in improving data management and reporting in the context of COVID-19.

Speaking at the delivery event in Zanzibar recently, Minister of Health Nasuru Mazrui said, “We are getting this server at the right time, and digital health systems play an important role in improving the performance of the health sector and providing quality health care services as well as an essential tool for collecting relevant health data Real-time and informative relevance for health decisions. The Ministry of Health is impressed with the efforts and collaboration of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and MDH in achieving our common goals of providing quality health services to the Zanzibar community.”

During the event, Dr. Mahesh Swaminathan, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “It is a pleasure to work with the Zanzibar government, they are our strong partner in improving health services, and this investment will contribute to ensuring the safety of people.”

The Director General of Health Management and Development, Dr. David Sandow, appreciated the partnership and commitment of the CDC and the Zanzibar Ministry of Health to protect people from disease. “Health Management and Development remains committed to working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the government and people of Zanzibar to design and strengthen health information systems for points of entry and integrated electronic surveillance and disease response systems,” said Dr. Sandhu.

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The Data for Health (D4H) project is a 5-year collaborative agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and (MDH) to support health information system development, project management, and coordinated deployment of national data systems. Fighting HIV and the health sector in the Republic of Tanzania under the President’s Contingency Plan. To combat AIDS (Pepvar). The project started on September 30, 2020 and is now in its second year of implementation.

As part of the D4H project, MDH has received additional funding from the CDC (Global Health Security (GHSA)) through the CARES (Coronavirus Relief and Economic Security) Act to facilitate the development of surveillance systems. The funding is intended to support the improvement of monitoring information systems in Tanzania in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Funding is intended to support the development of the Port of Entry (POE) module in the eIDSR to facilitate event capture and visualization Support the eIDSR upgrade to accommodate new diseases and events in IDSR Under the new IDSR Version 3 Supports the development of Event-Based Surveillance (EBS) to enhance EBS data capture and reporting events occurring in communities, improving disease surveillance at sentinel sites, and supporting the integration of laboratory and eIDSR systems to facilitate seamless data transfer between systems. As part of this subproject, MDH is currently working with HISP Tanzania to facilitate the development of the Afya Msafiri Traveler Portal in Zanzibar.

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