Soundmoji, emojis with sound effects are coming!

From simple “smiles” to animated emojis, now also with sound effects, here is the novelty of Facebook Messenger

What are Soundmojis and how to find them on Messenger

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Facebook introduces a new type of emoji via the Facebook Messenger app. call SoundmojiThey are basically emojis with a voice. Facebook said it is releasing a “complete” Soundmoji library and plans to update it regularly with “popular sound effects and voice notes”.

What are Soundmojis and what sounds do they make?

Soundmojis is a Facebook trademark of a new type of emoji paired with voice feedback. Not only are classic emoji icons paired with their clear sounds, like clapping emojis with the sound of clapping and drumming with the sound of a drum kit, but Facebook said it will also be possible to listen to audio clips from artists and excerpts from TV shows and movies. For example, the hourglass plays Drake’s text “You only live once, that’s the motto,” while the fist emoji plays the phrase “I don’t have friends, I’ve got a family” from Fast and Furious 7.

Where do you find them

To locate Soundmojis, tap the emoji button in a Messenger conversation. Next, tap the audio icon on the right, scroll through the available options, and tap one of them to preview the audio.

How to send a Soundmoji

After following the above steps, simply press the Send button to share your Soundmoji in a Facebook Messenger conversation.

When will Soundmojis be available?

Facebook is launching Soundmojis now, ahead of World Emoji Day on July 17, 2021. Both iOS and Android users of the Messenger app are coming.


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