With Air Action Vigorsol, you can win great tech gadgets

Fresh taste contest: With Air Action Vigorsol chewing gum, you can win tech gum and gift cards. Here’s how to get involved.

Air game Figursol action

How many of us chew Vigorsol gum all day? 1, 2, 3, at the end of the evening, the pack of 10 may already be completed. What you showed to your colleague, who was your friend and who stole your sister, One package is never enough.

The wisest purchase Directly to the 100-piece box, With the plastic container you can also recycle. In conclusion, We all do this, you know.

But these packages, Both 10 and 100 can be more advantageous to enter the competition to win tech gadgets.

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Come vincere gadget tech con Air Action Vigorsol

Enter the code
start playing

he is called Air Action Vigorsol game It is a competition Valid until August 31, 2021 Allowing you Win amazing prizes. The only thing you have to remember is to do this Never throw away your Vigorsol containers.

Inside each package There is an icon that you can play with A site dedicated to competition. Moreover, it will allow you the same code Log into the Chili platform to watch one of the available movies.

The company developed 500 awards. Among these they are JBL wireless device, The Segway electric scooter, The Fitbit Charge 4, The Go-Pro Hero 9 action cameraAnd the Amazon Eco Show 5 And much more.

500 prizes to win
Up for easy grab prizes

As shown in Regulation, Consumer, By entering your unique game code, It will immediately discover if:

  • The symbol in his possession It will correspond to one of the icons for direct mapping From Competition award accordingly It will find out what type of award was won
  • The symbol in his possession It will match one of the random assignment codes Ultimate win is instant; In this case, the software system for random prize and consumer allocation will be activated He will instantly discover the result of the post: Do not win, do not win and the type of prize he won
  • The symbol in his possession Corresponds to a symbol that only grants the right to A definite prize.

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It should be noted that Not all packages contain a contest entry code, But only those that are The promotional message is present. for more details, Click Who is the.

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Films about the Chili Plus competition
Enter the code and win

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