Specializing in commercial real estate for over 40 years

GSE supports companies throughout the process of their real estate projects, in the industrial, logistics and tertiary sectors.

Customer support at all stages of real estate projects

GSE Supports its clients to guide them towards optimal, safe and sustainable real estate solutions. Whether the companies come from the industrial, logistics or tertiary sector, GSE supports them from the ground up in their real estate projects: from the realization of platforms to construction, to the rehabilitation of buildings, through production and process improvement.

GSE has been significantly created laboratory In 2016: A dedicated innovation service that supports its clients in the transformation of energy and the environment, by placing performance at the center of its priorities.

Smart Building Driver: Smart and Connected Building

The creation of the laboratory is part of the digital momentum that narrates all sectors of construction and directs them towards technological change. In fact, the arrival of the Internet of Things is also entering buildings and allowing companies to better manage energy consumption, air quality and temperature management.

Today, the advent of BIM and the digital revolution has transformed the sector: 50% of buildings are made through Building Information Modeling. BIM expertise improves the quality and speed of design thanks to innovative digital tools. In 2019, 60% of GSE projects were implemented in BIM.

BIM is a digital model (3D modeling) working process to improve the management of building design, construction and operation by aggregating all information in the same database.

GSE is also using virtual and augmented reality throughout the construction site, allowing its monitoring and customers to visit their buildings remotely and in real time. All this through 360-degree cameras, drones, or even augmented reality helmets.

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These elements help reduce the number of trips affected by the epidemic, without precluding the good monitoring and visit of sites virtually thanks to the remote “Street View” technology that allows a 360-degree visit to the building (just like google street view).

The result: ultra-efficient connected buildings that take advantage of the latest innovations and facilitate user use.

GSE: The Commercial Real Estate Specialist for Over 40 Years GSE

CSR Policy for Sustainable Real Estate Construction

GSE is committed daily to a sustainable, ethical and safe environment. The CSR dimension is integrated into all GSE activities: in its management, in construction and procurement projects and in its relationship with its employees. EcoVadis, in particular, has recognized GSE’s performance in CSR with a Platinum Level of Excellence.

GSE anticipates environmental regulations, reduces the environmental impact of construction sites, and improves energy performance in buildings, as well as user comfort.

In fact, environmental standards legislation is constantly evolving but GSE buildings are not a victim of these transformations because buildings have always conformed to standards, and this is for at least fifty years. Thus, GSE is not dependent on changes in the law and its clients invest with confidence and in the long term, in buildings that respect applicable environmental standards. Today, 80% of GSE buildings are environmentally certified.

Employee welfare issue: consider upstream

In the process of building construction, GSE takes into consideration the welfare of its employees. Indeed, GSE is particularly related to the well-being of its employees, by providing modern buildings, recreational facilities and optimal and responsible working conditions. This investment is in understanding how to design a building where employees are satisfied.

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In addition, GSE understood that well-being at work is a condition for attracting and retaining talent. For this reason, with its 460 employees located in France, Europe and China, GSE prepares in-house training and support programs for young graduates with the GSE Academy.

Tomorrow’s buildings

GSE is well aware that buildings will continue to undergo many changes and that we are at the beginning of a sustainable transformation of habitats and building methods.

Today the phenomenon of converting agricultural land into constructive land is declining. This change involves reevaluating the brown fields, as well as designing the buildings differently.

Residents are also demanding that cars be reduced in the city. GSE then develops car parks at city entrances in order to reduce traffic.

In addition, consumers are becoming more demanding, which requires logistics buildings (often tall and multi-level to improve the land), very close to cities, and in line with user needs.

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