Splatoon 3 – A game that spills ink during the latest Nintendo Direct

We’ve obviously been expecting the Inklings to be around the corner during this brand new Nintendo Direct, enough to nibble on if we can say so while we wait for the release of Splatoon 3. Waiting for the release date to be a bit ambitious, the game is a lot more than that, given that it’s one of the last licenses from Nintendo trying to do something different. Anyway, both in technical direction, single player mode as multiplayer, the latest trailer reveals a lot of welcome novelties.

So, what has Nintendo prepared for us to keep the Splatoon license? It looks like a lot of work has been done in the single player mode and in the story of Splatoon 3, my header image for all the ads released in the game. The same story mode has given it the right to be more obsessive than its predecessors. This is what we know concretely in Story Mode: The Return of Mammals. Extinct species will be the center of the plot, and we will probably learn more about other species and their origins. The game’s post-apocalyptic atmosphere gives real interest, we will have to fight in espadon squadron to face the octarians. This makes you want so badly.

The game takes place mainly in Cité Clabousse (also called Chaos City), the story will take place in the city of Alterna, and we will be accompanied by Salmioche (beautiful name by the way) to help us face the clashes against the Octarians. We will also find familiar faces such as DJ Octave or Oly.

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At the same time, the multiplayer recipe doesn’t change much, but that’s not what you’d expect from a game that wants to be as minimal as Splatoon. Aside from some minor extras like Assault Crab or Super Mollusk to name a few, the 4v4s team remains in the program for this third opus.

As a member of the squid research laboratory aptly said, there is still much to discover Splatoon 3 is still slated for 2022, with no exact release date yet!

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