Start using Gemini mobile, finally on your screens!

Since February 2024 and the “scandal” that rocked Gemini, it is no longer possible to generate images from a wave. In fact, the AI, in its (excessive) interest in universality, has created historically incorrect and outdated images, such as black Nazi soldiers or the founding fathers of the United States. Google immediately suspended this feature, which has not yet been restored.

Unlike the web version, which has two parts, a menu on the left and an interactive area on the right, everything happens on the same screen with Gemini for mobile. The app's help and settings can be accessed from the icon in the upper right, which represents your Google account profile picture.

Responses to prompts can be read aloud through the phone's speaker, transcribed, checked on Google, shared (via Discord, WhatsApp, Gmail, Messenger, Facebook, SMS, etc.), copied, etc. It is also possible to create a public link which allows you to directly access the response, edit it (shorter, longer, simpler, etc.), see other suggestions, possibly create a new response to the same prompt, and report a response with problems.

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