90% fewer players! After becoming a phenomenon, the PS5 PC exclusive Helldivers 2 has already been forgotten

Game News 90% fewer players! After becoming a phenomenon, the PS5 PC exclusive Helldivers 2 has already been forgotten

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With player numbers down 90%, Helldivers 2 and its audience appear to be on the verge of collapse. But should we be sounding the alarm? We'd be left (almost) feeling like the Sony phenomenon has already been forgotten.

Right now, one character is getting a lot of attention: the Steam concurrent player character of Helldivers 2, the popular TPS that made a splash at the beginning of the year on PS5 and PC! It all started with an article by Forbeswho recently noted that the audiences for Arrowhead and PlayStation Baby have declined significantly, from a peak of about 460,000 people at one point in February 2024, to 46,000 on June 24, a drop of “about 90%… “It's important because it's a service game.”“This is the kind of game that Sony wanted to achieve continued success with,” notes Paul Tassi, in Forbes.

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According to him, Helldivers 2 lacks a roadmap and ambitious additions to retain players, which has been theoretically verified by the game's audience on Steam. Since the peak last February and the new surge on April 1, 2024 – at 345,000 people at the same time -, The concurrent player count (TPS) on Steam keeps dropping.So should we declare the Sony shooter dead?

Number of concurrent players in Helldivers 2 on PC (Steam), from release to present

When the euphoria subsides

In fact, when we take the audience to watch games online on Steam and zoom out a bit, we often find ourselves in the same direction… a surge at first (it's a release, everyone is talking about a game) and then a fall and a number of players that gradually stabilizes. On Valve's platform, the curve of Helldivers 2 is similar to that of Palworld, a huge success at the beginning of the year that gathered more than 2 million players on PC during its peak last February. Between May and June, there were about 30,000 people simultaneously on Steam, but The first major update has reignited excitement around the title. With a peak of 143,000 players on June 30, 2024. It must be admitted, in defense of Paul Tassi, that Helldivers has not yet “come back” in this way.

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90% fewer players! After becoming a phenomenon, the PS5 PC exclusive Helldivers 2 has already been forgotten

“It's nothing to be upset about.”

Palworld's community manager also responded to the Forbes article. According to him, these discussions about the service's game numbers have no point in existing. “Our game had 2 million people (at the same time – editor's note), then 15,000 and now 140,000! And soon it will drop again, and will increase with the next major update… That's how it works. Helldivers 2 probably misses major updates. However, it doesn't seem as if there's nothing going on in the Arrowhead universe, far from it.Aside from the new gameplay features, TPS is one of the few to have a “Game Master” that offers a common scenario for all players. Changes that keep the convinced ones staying, and don’t bring back the ones who left?

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