Strange scene on Magenta TV: When the referee calls the live broadcast – football

Patrick Ettrich Rings the Bell by Johannes B. Kerner. Photo: Imago Images/Kirchner Media/Christopher Neuendorf

Johannes B. Kerner and expert Michael Ballack whistle the penalty in the semi-finals of the tournament when the manager’s cell phone rings. Referee Patrick Ettrich is on the line. Kerner has to deal with that.

LONDON – Michael Ballack (44) looked to the side first and had to smile. Former German football player and TV presenter Johannes B. Kerner, 56, was just analyzing the controversial penalty scene in the European Championship semi-final between England and Denmark when Kerner’s mobile phone rang.

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Kerner said Wednesday night on Magenta TV, referring to the video assistant at the European Football Association (UEFA) headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

Magenta TV Expert

From here Palack agreed: “Exactly, and this possibility is available recently …”. However, at that moment, he was interrupted by the unmute mobile phone of his TV partner, who was sandwiched between the two of them. “Go on, this is Patrick Ettrich, I’ll answer him for a minute, just keep talking,” Kerner said.

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He said it, turned to the side and could be heard with the words: “Patrick, someone should step in.” Etrich is a German referee and Magenta TV expert at the European Football Championship. Kerner leaned forward, pointed, and made a motion with his left finger, which can be interpreted as: “Speak a little faster, we’re live on the air” and ended the call about half a minute later.

Kerner is back

Meanwhile Ballack kept moderating on his own until Kerner came back to the mid-table and said, “Well, he says, ‘You know what the UEFA streak is at the moment.’” I can only say: Football common sense, I’m against that. “.

When asked if he whistled, Etrich later answered: “No,” England’s Raheem Sterling fell in the penalty area in the first half of extra time. Referee Danny Makele (Netherlands) was fouled by Joachim Mahle and awarded a penalty. Video assistant Paul van Buekel examined the scene but did not intervene. Harry Kane turned in the margin (104).

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