Strasbourg Fire – Nert 4. Rust loses most European data due to Life

Facebook Punch Studios, Developer Rust, Confirmed a Large amount of data The game of survival is gone Lost in the fire This affected European servers based on the data center Strasbourg. In Multiplayer today (March 10, 2021) we are talking about the same fire that forced us to be offline for many hours.

Confirmation came one way Tweet from Rustin’s official account. “Our 25 European servers are offline due to a fire at the OVHCloud datacenter this morning. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed the SBG-2 building. We expect a major loss of data on the damaged servers.” This is the first communication from the developers.

Rust loses a lot of European data

Later, the Rust team released an update, which you can find below: “We can confirm it Total loss of European servers affected by the fire Of the OVH data center. We are exploring options for replacing infected servers. Data cannot be retrieved. “As you can read, there is no way to recover what is lost.

Unfortunately, there is no solution to the situation for Rust players. The important thing, however, is that no casualties were reported in the fire.

Finally, we point out that the PS4 and Xbox One have a rust release period. In addition, according to a video showing the beta version of the console game, some cross-drama features are likely to be available.

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