Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan + Super Mario Bros. 2 USA = the game of my dreams

she is beautiful.

she is beautiful.
A screen shot: A step forward

Programmer and digital artist Samo recently produced an elegant video showcasing her work that combines two different versions of Super Mario Bros 2 Its a massive game showcasing each other’s mechanics and levels. As a fan of both of them, I desperately want to play it.

L’original 1986 Super Mario Bros 2 It was released in Japan as The traditional follow-up to the first game with more difficult levels. Concerned that this might be too difficult for a Western audience, Nintendo of America suggested that the appropriate Nintendo develop a separate system. to me The United States, which led to a completely different version Super Mario Bros 2 In 1988.

This new version is safe for Americans Super Mario Bros 2 It was based on a game known as Kujo Day: Doki Doki panic in Japan. Very entertaining, Dokki dokey panic It started on its own Mario Prototype before adoption Kujo Day Marketing license for Fuji TV Technology Expo of the same name.

When the franchise left at that time, the game was called up Super Mario USA In Japan – Introducing the first playable versions of the Princess Peach and Toad series, the lifting and lifting mechanisms, now getting creative Mario Characters like Shy Guys and Birdo. the original Super Mario Bros 2 He eventually made his way west – where he is known as Super Mario Bros: The Lost LevelsAs part of the 1993 Super Nintendo Pack Super Mario all stars.

That’s all we say Sammu’s work combining the two is totally cool and clear about “why no one has ever done this before” one way or the other. She explained that the project was born from a comprehensive overhaul of a personal project Super Mario Bros 2 Levels in GameMaker. Nintendo A tendency to threaten independent creatorsHowever, Sammu does have I’m not sure You’re going to release the mix for public consumption, which is a completely understandable decision.

Either way, she deserves a lot of fame here. Really cool job Samo!

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