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In 2010 we started talking about it Retina display For Apple’s iPhone 4, a way to indicate the use of higher pixel density screens provides better image quality for smartphones. Since then, Apple has improved its display technology until the arrival of OLED Super Retina display Equipped with iPhone X and later. Let’s see in detail what is meant and what characteristics Apple iPhone screens have.

Super Retina OLED display: what is it

term Retina Associated with marketing and was coined by Apple in 2010 to describe its high-quality screens, which are used not only for the iPhone, but also for the iPad and Mac of the Cupertino-based company. With the debut of the iPhone X, Apple is relaunching the term “Super Retina OfferHe abandoned LCD screens to rely on OLED technology.

The main difference between LCD and OLED screens is the black screen. The LCD screens It is backlit, so to display black it is necessary to block out the always-on backlight. On the contrary, the OLED technology It is based on self-emitting LEDs, that is, it generates light thanks to the organic compounds in the screen, and allows for deeper blacks, because individual pixels are completely off.

Moreover, I Super Retina Offer Designed to support HDR (High Dynamic Range), which ensures that photos and videos are displayed with a wide range of dark and light areas. This means that it’s possible to get the most absolute blacks and the brightest whites so you don’t even lose shade in photos and videos on your iPhone.

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Super Retina OLED Display: Advantages

Retina displayApple made it themselves OLED Super Retina display One of the strengths of smartphones and tablets. This technology ensures a superior viewing experience as it provides incredibly high contrast and resolution. The use of OLED panels allowed Apple to make thinner screens, while ensuring that high brightnessAnd Wide color support that it Better color accuracy. The fact that there is no backlight means that black tones are displayed directly by turning off unnecessary pixels and this also translates to Low power consumption Thus in saving battery, which can provide longer life.

This technology also has some cons, especially with regard to light emissions: because they are screens with LED Organic Material, these tend to wear out faster It can arise local deterioration, which over time results in a worse picture display.

Super Retina OLED display: the evolution of XDR

Over the years, Apple has constantly improved the viewing experience for users on the iPhone, further evolving with the arrival of XDR . Brand. I Super Retina XDR offer It appeared on the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and was designed to provide users with better contrast ratio, brightness, and HDR support than previous smartphone models. Technology also equipped on New collection of iPhone 13 Apple unveiled it on September 14th.

Super Retina and XDR Displays: How to Make the Most of Them

Retina displayIn addition to equipping its smartphones with advanced screens, a OLED Super Retina technology NS Super Retina XDRApple has optimized its iOS operating systems to reduce the effects of long-term use of its screens. With Apple’s advice, you can extend the life of your monitors and get maximum performance.

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Among Cupertino’s tips for its users is to first of all update their iPhone to the latest version of iOS every time a new update is released. It is also recommended to use the auto brightness function to adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light. Usually the setting is turned on by default, but users will be able to sign in to Settings>Accessibility>Display and Text Size To check that it is active and modify it. Finally, Apple recommends setting the mode that allows the screen to turn off when the device is not in use, and choosing the shortest amount of time.

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