Supersonic Room launches its own board game

If the last two years had been a monopoly game, concert halls would have kept drawing the “Go to jail, skip square one” card. In order to make the most of all those hours away from the sweaty pogo, the team from the Supersonic phosphorous shack gave birth before Christmas to a board game. It’s called “Monte ton groupe” and it should speak to the aesthetics of the number 27.

The objective of the game is to form a rock band made up of music legends. On a plateau somewhat reminiscent of Trivial Pursuit, you’ll have to answer a whole bunch of questions (there are 900!) about sixty years of rock culture, install a formation that looks like something, and – the ultimate goal – ascend on the supersonic stage. The game will take you through all the space with a few surprises worthy of a self-respecting evening – like shot cards or a live scramble.

We were told in the board of directors that one of the imperatives of the game is the selection of members who have served as referees in different contracts. Either possibility for example Janis Joplin lined up with Peter Hooke (Air Division and New System), William Gallagher (Oasis) and Courtney Barnett. You will have to dump 36 euros to get the stairs. More than an acceptable amount will have you waiting before you can very quickly (and surely?) set foot in this legendary room.

To order the game, this happens here.

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