Threekit for NFTs allows customers to access the Metaverse

Chicago — Threekit, an online platform specializing in 3D settings, virtual photography and augmented reality, has announced the beta release of Threekit for NFTS, a feature that allows customers to create and manage NFTs from the Threekit platform.

Threekit’s platform allows brands to claim various metaverses, which are immutable virtual worlds that people will use to create, explore, play and work together. NFTs represent the opportunity for brands to create virtual products that can be displayed, delivered in virtual homes, worn on avatars, and traded across games, digital communities, and hardware ecosystems.

“Like most critical technologies, NFTs were initially seen as a novelty or a game, but it is clear that NFTs and virtual goods will be a permanent and important part of the metaverse,” said Ben Houston, founder and chief technology officer of Threekit. “As a platform that helps the world’s most demanding brands create 3D e-commerce experiences, we can facilitate the creation of highly personalized products and brand visuals that can then be converted into NFTs.”

Brands like Asics, Clinique, and Adidas paved the way for NFT drops. Brands can use NFTs to:

  • Build the community and access events, discounts and other special benefits.
  • Allow customers to show their own identity in digital games, virtual reality, and other online communities.
  • Brand promotion, giving fans access to collectibles.

“We are just beginning to understand the implications of these growing virtual worlds,” Houston said. “Yes, it’s about having a virtual version of a physical product, but we’re also starting to see NFTs being used as currency – a way to own and promote brands that people care about or as a ‘VIP card’ for exclusive content and experiences that other customers can’t get.

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“We anticipate a future where NFT products will be a routine addition to purchases and we want to prepare our customers for that future today.”

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