Syria Violante and Gecko Attanasio break up

Syria Violante and Kekko Attanasio have broken up, an official announcement from him: here is the explanation and the reason.

Now it's official: Syria is violent And Gecko Attanasio They broke up. The announcement came directly from Francesco, who explained the situation to all his supporters. Let's see together what happened and what he said.

“This is a video I never expected to be forced,” This is how Gecko Attanasio makes his debut in a recently released video TikTok. Although he prefers not to talk about it, he understands that for the good of society, to the fans of the couple, he has to make some explanations:“On the one hand, I don't feel like anyone, so it feels strange to talk about my personal life, but on the other hand, having shared beautiful moments, I also understand that it is normal for you to be interested. In knowing.”

Syria and I are not together anymore, we have already experienced ups and downs due to various circumstances.. I read a lot of comments these days and I ask that you please be respectful. Now we don't feel good about reading certain things, reading untrue things makes the situation worse. He explains. We hope that Gecko and Syria can feel better despite the separation. We will happily continue to follow them!


You know the kind of person I am, I always show myself in videos, so please don't get angry anymore, I also hoped it would be different, but unfortunately we had the maturity to take this decision. If you know me, I didn't make this video for hype, that would be disrespectful to the person I was and what I feel. Thank you always for the support and love shown. I'm taking some time for myself and I hope to be back to make you smile. See you soon Humble ❤️

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Is there a crisis between Siria Violante and Gecko Attanasio? Some clues make him think so

Article dated June 25 Syria is violent Yesterday celebrated his twenty-fifth birthdayHe danced Gecko Attanasio Apparently he did not attend the party. For the past few hours, fans of the couple have been wondering if there is Crisis air Between them, but did Syria Violante and Gecko Attanasio break up? Let's clarify!

DSyria Violante and Gecko Attanasio have been wondering for the past few hours if they have broken up, and some details will make anyone think.A crisis between the two.

In fact, he disliked his posts since early June.
He did not appear in Syria's birthday photos and did not publicly wish him a happy birthday.

Syria posted a video on Tiktok in which she re-trends with audio from Sasi Gaziator “But weeps for Signor's men?” But in the explanation RefusalWith your hands in front of you, write “The purpose of the video is to make a positive difference to my birthday” And He urges his followers not to make superfluous comments. How are the two still doing? Profile picture Photos together, and their followers use precisely this profile, waiting for news and hoping to see them again soon. Together.

Many followers felt the video was a dig and wondered if he and Gekko had broken up, speculating on a possible rift between the two. So we are waiting for Syria and Gecko's denial or confirmation!


DISCLAIMER: This video was made with the sole intention of making a positive difference to my birthday, no useless comments thank you🤍🤍🤍🤍 peace and love

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Do you think they broke up?

Impossible, they are perfect together!

The clues speak clearly…

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