Brussels Airport is testing a mobile hydrogen recharging station

VIL and DHL Express are testing hydrogen at Brussels Airport as part of the Stargate project, the air component of Greendeal. Or a mobile charging station as well as a hydrogen tractor. A process that is coordinated by several partners.

As part of Stargate, a European Green Deal project, two partners, DHL Express and VIL, an innovation platform for logistics services, are testing a mobile charging station as well as a hydrogen tractor at Brussels Airport. The pilot project will last for six weeks and end on the 27th June. It is implemented in cooperation with WaterstofNet, which launches and coordinates projects on hydrogen.

DHL tests first hydrogen prototype For ground handling operations: This is a Mulag tractor equipped with an integrated hydrogen fuel cell system. It is used to transport and load goods, and will be supplied with hydrogen thanks to the mobile station.

For the partners involved This includes assessing the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for ground handling operations and procedures for its use within the airport.

Partner airports stargate project, We will therefore be able to collect information about permit application processes and operational security requirements for all airport partners.

Process interest: Less dependence on the electricity grid and no more noise and air pollution from electricity, to the benefit of local residents, travelers and airport staff bringing together companies such as organizations from various sectors, shippers, logistics providers, government agencies, companies specialized in IT, engineering, temporary work, construction and real estate.

And after. This initiative is a step to promote the widespread adoption of hydrogen technology in aviation, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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