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With this 2021, a new generation has landed and many new video game sagas are coming, gamers will never forget The Witcher 3, one of the best quality action roll-flaming games of the previous generation. CD Project Red’s works, starting with novels, were able to create incredible characters, especially for female actors. Now, Slotkoslava Celebrates their love for the saga by offering a version Laugh at the una A cosplay Really hot.

As you can see, Syria’s Sanana Gospel, created by Slotkoslava, is very much there Loyal to the original. Cindra’s Princess is actually wrapped in bandages, designed to heal wounds within The Witcher 3. There is no shortage of scars on the face and chest. The makeup around the eyes is also reminiscent of Siri’s style.

Slotkoslava has certainly created a quality gospel, taking care of every detail. Cosplayer has played various versions of Tris Marigold, another favorite character of The Witcher 3 in the past, as well as a perfect yenfer.

If you are a big fan of The Witcher 3, you can not miss the Jennifer Cosplay written by Lada Liumos. If Lyonsina is your favorite, check out Jessica Nikri’s sexy Siri Gospel, a witch. Finally, if redheads are your thing, Janet’s Tris Cosplay will emit and reveal.

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