This way they are stealing your account

State Police are calling you to be careful in stealing your WhatsApp account. Let’s go into the details and see what’s out there.

Unfortunately, attempts at deception are becoming more and more active Share.

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Starting from the computer and going through Skills, Up to the tablet, we have many technological devices, thanks to which we can communicate with friends, relatives and companies that are geographically very distant from us at any time. On the other hand, we have email, SMS and many more services Instant messaging applications.

In addition to the many benefits, unfortunately there is no shortage of possibilities Risks. In fact, it is good to know in this context State Police It invites you to focus on this way they manage to stealWhatsApp account. How is that possible? Let’s go into the details and see everything you need to know about it.

Whatsapp, be careful, this way they are stealing your account: Everything you need to know

Unfortunately, more and more often, some criminals try to use different tools to avoid the unfortunate person on duty and to steal money and important data. A clear example of this is corruption Fake 250 euro Ikea voucher Online insurance with or without.

If all of these are not enough, more and more people will end up in the cross chairs of fraudsters Share. In this regard, the state police is calling you to be careful as some malicious persons are trying to steal the account using the WhatsApp web function.

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Especially with a post posted on a Facebook profile PS Online Police Station, The mechanism by which the fraud in question is carried out has been reported. Note that activating the Whatsapp Web version by entering the details a Confirmation code Will be sent via SMS.

Taking a note from this practice, the fraudsters send a message to the victim through which they ask for the code in question. To make everything more reliable, they make sure the sender of the request becomes one of the contacts. Address Book. If the recipient actually responds to this message and sends the requested data, you will fall into the web.

This way, in fact, fraudsters get caughtWhatsApp account of the unfortunate person on duty, Thus being able to operate without interruption and have access to our personal data. But not only that, they can use our account to carry out other fraudulent attempts against our contacts stored in the address book.

Whatsapp, Beware, They Are Stealing Your Account Like This: State Police Advice

It is precisely for this reason that we invite you to always be careful to avoid undesirable inconveniences. In particular, it is always good to remember No contact should use our Whatsapp web account The fact that a message for this reason comes with this kind of request should raise more than some doubt.

In this case, the state police again, through a special post posted on the Facebook profile Advises In:

  • Do not follow requests to send any code via SMS, even if it comes from contacts in the address book;
  • Do not click on any links in the SMS;
  • Turn on the CD. Available in “Two-Step Verification” Settings – Account “section of the application.
  • Never share your WhatsApp verification code with others. If someone tries to control your account, they will need a verification code sent via SMS“.
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