T-Mobile victim of another cyberattack

T-Mobile has come under another cyberattack. The cell phone giant spoke about the incident in an article published on its website this week. ” Our cybersecurity team recently discovered and blocked malicious and unauthorized access to certain information related to your T-Mobile account. The company said.

If we believe the spokesperson T-MobileThe attack goes back to the beginning of December of last year. The hackers were reportedly able to access the call logs of some of the wireless service provider’s customers. So they know the dates, times, and phone numbers of people who made and received calls. However, T-Mobile says the more sensitive information such as customer names, home addresses, and emails remained the same.

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The mobile operator also wanted to reassure customers that cyber criminals failed to access financial data and account passwords.

About 200,000 victims

According to T-Mobile estimates, about 200,000 customers are affected by this story. This represents 0.2% of the company’s subscribers.

All victims have been informed of the situation according to the mobile operator, who at the same time referred the case to the federal authorities.

The company also says it is taking steps to better understand the nature and extent of the problem. An investigation has been opened in this regard. T-Mobile even brought in cybersecurity experts to make sure the investigations were properly conducted.

Fourth attack in three years

This isn’t the first time malicious actors have managed to infiltrate a T-Mobile computer system. Three years ago, the personal information of more than two million customers was erased as a result of a cyberattack.

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In November 2019, the mobile giant reported another incident involving one million prepaid customers.

In March last year, T-Mobile revealed a breach of email accounts of some of its employees. This is how cyber criminals get their hands on some customer data.

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