Wizards Unite, all about the February Adversaries event

This February, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will host a two-part Adversaries event to help keep players busy throughout the month. Meanwhile, Niantic AR mobile game players can now see the schedule of all events taking place in 2021.

February came. The Wizards will be able to celebrate the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Adversaries event twice this month with a new type of recurring event. The event falls from February 5 to 8.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – meeting with Lockhart and Basilisk

As many players had hoped after the Adversaries’ surprise event in December, it looks like a new type of event will emerge again and again. But surprisingly, there really is Two eventss, in contrast to the last two months each only had one month.

Like other recent events, this event will capture a file Choose additional enemies Show on the game map. A short series of missions will be required for players to win Interesting and powerful bonuses Along the way.

Fans of Wizards Unite will have the opportunity to face different opponents this month in Adversaries. This event features obnoxious Gildroy Lockhart And the Slytherin Basilisk. We hope that these increased encounters will be enough to help players complete all the challenges presented to them during this short event from Niantic AR game.

DADA books and other bonuses to grab at the event

It won’t take long for players to notice the presence of the Tons of DADA books to grab. The DADA stack of books will almost certainly suffice Motivate most players to participate.

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This feature has already generated some enthusiasm in the community, so it looks very likely that this is It will be a very popular event. This again means that the list of tasks and rewards to accomplish is quite long.

Other rewards will be presented at the event:

5 Defending Against Dark Art Books

1 Edible Dark Mark

500 Wizard XP

60 gold units

30 Magic Energy

The developers are looking to motivate players to bring the new Adversaries feature to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Keep in mind that this is the first of two opponent events. This event will take place this weekend, while the other will take place in the coming weeks.

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