Take advantage of Sosh’s new offer in Orange Network quality

As part of its limited series, Sosh offers a 90 GB package at €13.99 per month. An interesting opportunity to take for people who intend to subscribe to an inexpensive mobile offer of Orange network quality.

Until Monday June 13, 2022 at 9 am, Sosh is giving its new customers the opportunity to take advantage of 90GB Mobile Phone Package at €13.99 per month. This is a non-binding portable offer that can be canceled at any time if a package from another operator is more attractive.

Apart from 90 GB of usable data in 4G with Orange network quality, the package for the limited edition of the low-cost subsidiary of Telecom No. 1 in France also includes unlimited calls and SMS / MMS in France and a 15 GB envelope of Internet via Mobile phone for travel within the European Union and overseas. For foreign countries, you should know that calls and SMS/MMS are also unlimited for the respective regions and France. A SIM (or eSIM) card compatible with all mobile phones is billed at €10 during the subscription phase and mailed after complete file validation.

If Sosh’s 90 GB mobile plan does not satisfy you, we advise you to use our best mobile plan comparison to find the offer that best suits your needs and budget.

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