An insider says there will be no PlayStation Showcase or State of Play before September 2022 –

Insider AccountNGT, which has gained considerable popularity in recent months with some accurate forecasts, said Sony They would not have planned Any PlayStation Showcase or State of Play Related to September 2022.

The Twitter user in question, based on sources close to him, has confirmed that there really is one Sly Cooper for PS5 In development and will be offered this year, but it will mostly be offered in September 2022, on the other hand he had already said that starting in March, when the first rumors about the game came out.

“The same source that revealed this to me a few weeks ago told me that no presentation events were planned until September,” AccountNGT explained. So, according to this mysterious source on which the character in question relies, there will be no State of Play or PlayStation showcase for most of the summer, perhaps the largest-scale event planned directly for September 2022.

At this point, we are waiting for more information on this: Other insiders and journalists, including Jeff Groove, have said that Sony is more likely to be planning a presentation event in the first week of the month, beginning in June 2022. However, this may also be in line with AccountNGD’s information, but it may be a minor game standard or conflicting information, let’s see.

Meanwhile, after the revelation of Nick Packer in the last few hours, it seems that there is further confirmation about the new Sly Cooper for PS5 by AccountNGT.

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Veronica Tucker

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