Take the hassle out of paperwork, discover LOFAE’s new management and billing software, designed for coaches

A former member of the accounting firm Equicer, now a management assistant for SMEs, Emilie Cliquet Leroux has developed a certified billing and management program for racing professionals. Coaches are often not very fond of management and therefore will have access to a web-based system, which is secure, designed and built for their lifestyle, both on the computer but also on the phone. Discover the video, testified by Luisa Carpri at Sinon.

In the field of racing, on the edges of tracks or lawns, you meet very few people who are very keen on management … However, in the world as it has changed, a lack of modernization in this area can lead to great difficulties in the life of the company. Everyone knows this but not everyone has the solutions, especially among professionals who don’t have the scale to hire dedicated employees specifically for these tasks: billing, workforce management, payroll, and general accounting. In short, trouble for many.

In the face of this, Emilie Cliquet-Leroux has taken an initiative that many professionals will appreciate, with 3 technical advantages:

  • Web solution, with the ability to connect to any device without prior installation.
  • Secure data hosted in Laval: No risk of data loss
  • Monthly subscription without obligation

Emily Cliké Leroux, founder of Lofae

Emily Clickett explains:

  • Ease of use – We’ve worked a lot on ergonomics – and fluidity of use starting from entering information and billing but also from exporting to accounting. It’s a program that can be accessed by those who “don’t like it” and/or who don’t have much time available for the office.

  • Entering daily information from your phone – saving time and avoiding errors / omissions at the time of billing. Accessibility for employees (first born for example). What would be fun when the person making the bills is not daily present in the stable (the “pure” husband or secretary) or if the coach is not often in the office

In addition, the billing unit is A certified (NF203 and FactorX), and it’s been around for over 10 years. It is a very powerful software that offers many possibilities including collecting customer invoices, sending them via email, and reminders. It is simply the ‘fixed’ defining part that is an innovation.

In addition, LOFAE also offers expense management in the program in a very simple way, allowing real-time access to several dashboards (turnover, expenses by item, etc.). The idea is that the time saved in billing can be used to push your business into reality!

Emilie Clécé Leroux: 07 88 35 97 82

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