Tammy Hembrow repairs pantry with Kmart kitchen toolsأدوات

With 12.6 million followers, Tammy Hembrow is one of the most followed Australian celebrities on Instagram.

to estimate He can earn up to $50,000 per Instagram paid post And she is not only impressive, but also has her own personality Sasuke’s Successful Fashion Collection Tami Fit workout app.

But her Gold Coast mom surprised fans with her latest TikTok video — a “very satisfying” makeover for her pantry — and one comforting detail in particular gets praise.

Like the half of the country where Tammy spent most of this week in solitary confinement, Join a vlog on TikTok How he decided to spend a day fixing his stock.

‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m showing this, but this is what my pantry looks like,’ said Tami, sharing a clip of her pantry before it was remodeled.

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Tammy revealed that she bought all the new pantry products from KmartBuy glass jars for only $6, and clear wicker baskets and spice jars for $16.

“I took all these mugs and baskets from Kmart, so I decided to spend closing time organizing my pantry,” she said.

“I filled all the glass jars with all the essentials and then put all the snacks into the baskets, plus cans and baked beans.”

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Having arranged her valuables in jars and baskets, Tami put her spices into their new jars and the end result of the pantry is absolutely stunning.

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“So everything was nice and organized after I finished, it was so satisfying, oh my gosh, I was so happy with that,” he said, but added that it was “so stressful” after all that work.

Tammy’s vlog has been viewed more than 269,000 times, with followers “shaking” when she chose to replenish her stock with Kmart items.

One person wrote, “I would love for you to run a successful business and keep going, but you are still humble enough to shop at Kmart and admit it.”

Another commented, “Kmart has always owned the merchandise.”

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One commenter also wrote, “I love how connected you are always,” while others described his pantry arrangements as “extremely satisfying” and “inspirational.”

Tammy also filmed herself preparing a hot chicken meal from her Tammy Fit app in the vlog, but it left some fans confused as to why she sticks her tongue out while chopping onions.

“Why does your tongue stick out when you cut lmao vegetables?” asked one person.

Tammy replied, “Stop the tears in your eyes when you’re cutting onions.”

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