WhatsApp works when the phone is off: the system is adequate

WhatsApp and announcement that will definitely delight all users for the future. Absolutely exceptional invention.

WhatsApp (Adobe)

The Walkway This is something that has always been used. Instant messaging, audio, video calling and sharing Contents And documentation. All of this undermines WhatsApp, an application that has always been at the center of strong discussions, especially due to updates over the past months and weeks. Security And the growing privacy and scams on the highly coveted platform. Will last In daysHowever, a novelty.

Among the purposes of the creators, the Developers There are those who really manage the platform with their ideas Possibility Based on customizing each functionality, customization and more as realistically as possible This is what created us Of users. Needs, specific desires, possibilities To modify The function or function of the application to the circumstances or conditions governing that time Situation Of the user.

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WhatsApp and Future: Use computer to exchange messages

Idea offered to those who manage innovations and innovations Function Of the application. Mainly aimed at those who continue to live cn la Battery At least. What happens when the smartphone is turned off, you can no longer connect Share? Simple, comes with computer or tablet functionality at most. The idea is here, it should allow us to connect Skills Decides to drop us.

In Catcard Share With Zuckerberg, Recently confirmed that the possibility of connecting WhatsApp from a computer or tablet with a smartphone, was actually turned off. Very good Announcements In short, it will make you happy, not to worry, how much, how Is expected, They continue to live with the battery.

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The FutureIn short, it may have brought innovations that were unimaginable just a few months ago. Current awareness, as well as the intentions of the developers of the news site Snapshot, Regarding the customization of the application of the application. User requirements come first to make the most of everything desire Every aspect A site that has now effectively entered our lives.

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