Tango is entitled to the launch trailer

Process: Tango Finally on Xbox. The game developed and published by Clever Plays offers an atypical co-op experience. For this occasion, a new trailer appeared on the channel YouTube d’ID @ Xbox.

If you are new to this game, you and your partner should cooperate as a hacker and hacker. So your goal is to save the world. Therefore, connectivity is the key to solving puzzles and bringing cybercriminals to their knees. overallProcess: Tango It is based on unequal cooperation. To give you an example, the excellent epic We were here It offers a similar concept.

Operation: Tango, two are better!

Lovers of escape games, cooperation and video games, Process: Tango Made for you! However, before you give in to this purchase, there are some details to consider. The game is only playable in co-op mode. Fortunately, the developers have introduced Friend Pass as it already exists for games like It takes two or Director. This means that any of your friends can join you without paying for the game up front. As a bonus, it is possible to play with anyone because the cross-platform is activated.

If you have Operation Tango, all your friends can play with you for free. All they need is to download Operation Friend Pass: Tango Friend Pass on the platform of their choice. It takes two people to save the world, but it only takes one to pay for it. Operation: Tango can be played with someone who does not play on the same platform as you. Convenient, isn’t it?

Find your perfect partner and buy without further delay This game is on the Microsoft Store.

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