What are the best remote control software? Compare 2021

Over the past year, remote work has become widely entrenched in our society, which has shaken the habits of businesses and employees. Not forgetting that in the latter, it will sometimes be necessary to set up a workspace, with an additional computer, a printer and some peripherals. In short, bring your professional gear home, even if it means damaging your interior! However, all it takes is remote access software to avoid this situation and simply take control of your workstation without leaving your home.

In this specific case, a somewhat different tool is needed. In fact, to troubleshoot a loved one, both parties must accept the connection configuration between devices. However, in the context of remote work, there is no one in the company who authorizes the employee to take control of his professional position. So you should choose a program with an unattended mode, sometimes called “unauthorized access”. Once installed on the employee’s personal computer as well as on their work computer, and they remain in the company, the utility allows one-click control… as long as the workstation is on and out of standby.

However, all it takes is an electrical problem or a refresh for the computer to shut down, without going through a reboot. In this case, the remote employee finds themselves blocked and unable to access their computer remotely. In anticipation of this specific case, it is interesting to choose a tool that integrates Wake-on-LAN mode. Because thanks to this standard of Ethernet networks built into some remote access software, a locked computer can be started with a single click from a distance. Therefore it is a very important criterion to take into account when studying remote controls.

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And, of course, to exercise comfortably from home, as if we were at the headquarters of his company, the tool should have some basic features, depending on the real needs of the employee. For example, a file transfer may be required. The same goes for remote printing, which allows files stored on a company’s working computers to be printed on their local printer. Or even a meeting mode to bring teams together and allow collaboration between remote employees.

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