Target Rest of the World: Laura Lempica Swings on Greg, Julian Tanti launches Trouble Game… Replay Episode 44

Helona and Julian Burt are getting cold again and Julian Tanti’s announcement doesn’t help matters: Tonight is the night of trouble! Just before the party, Mila decided to explain herself to Anto about the kiss he gave her Mifa Ghanam. They end up reconciling. For her part, Adixia warns Illan… If he wants to get her back, he knows what to do during the trouble game. For their part, Simon and Giusepa are still going in a vicious circle. They love each other, but are no longer compatible. And when Simon confesses to Julian Burt that he’s going to take advantage of the game’s problem to get close to Marine, he has no idea that Joseba is hearing everything!

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Before the party starts, Laura arrives for Mbeka. And when she learned that Greg was getting close to Melanie Orel, she decided to swing by. She revealed that he gave Maeva a pair of sneakers just days ago. For her, turning it upside down in front of a Mifa she didn’t like! Then Laura isolates herself with Melanie to throw everything at her. And for her, Melanie will be fooled again! Then it’s time for Julian Tanti to start the evening of trouble! Tomorrow Mila will reveal that she does not see herself with Antho outside of adventure. But first, know that Illan seems to regret the end of his friendship with Milla Jasmine.

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