WhatsApp: Launching to Support Multiple Devices

Facebook has just started rolling out multi-device support for WhatsApp.

Since its inception, WhatsApp has been linked to a single smartphone – or rather, a phone number. You can certainly access it from a computer, but your smartphone must be nearby for it to work, or at least connected to the Internet.

For WhatsApp users who use multiple devices every day, Facebook – the parent company – has good news for you. The company starts offering support for multiple devices on WhatsApp. This is still just a test for a small handful of users enrolled in Facebook’s beta program, but it’s certainly expected to launch at scale soon.

Concretely, this improved support allows WhatsApp users to connect to it from up to four devices, be it a smartphone, computer or tablet. Unlike the current functionality that depends on the proximity of the smartphone linked to your account, it will be possible to use WhatsApp on any device independently of other devices.

Another key point: Conversations will sync fine from one device to another. Facebook states that it has developed a new technology to maintain end-to-end encryption of conversations even if they are synced between multiple devices. Whether you use it on a computer, tablet or smartphone, the privacy of WhatsApp will remain unchanged. The company details its technologies and terms of WhatsApp multi-device support in Blog post.

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