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The Black Friday 2021 Hasn’t Started Yet amazon, But with the opportunities I’ve found it almost seems like that. Not only a lot of interesting daily specials, you can find a little searching Tech tools for less than 5 eurosWhich you would never think you could eat. You’ve picked a few, take a look and pick your favourite!

Black Friday 2021: Cheap tech deals on Amazon

What I am about to show you is a brief account of real events Tech Freaks, which you can quit without thinking too much: they all cost less than 5 euros. Since it’s so cheap, of course, you don’t have to expect top-notch hardware. However, these are practical, tasty and useful products.

You may not have seen the first one: it’s a file smart ring. There is a slide inside NFC You can configure it as you like to perform a series of actions. For example, by touching a compatible device, you can send information, business cards, open websites, unblock apps, and more. Unleash the imagination. Get it for only €4.99 with free shipping.

The second product is one Multipurpose tool for smartphone. I connected it Bluetooth Then you have a series of possibilities: Would you rather use it as a remote control to take pictures from a distance? (Very useful in the case of portraits) or as a locator for lost objects? It can do that too, just attach it to what you don’t want to lose (like keys, for example). You can take this little gem home for as little as €5: Just put it in the cart And – before completing the order – apply the code “5CP6T3HF”. free shipping.

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The third device is not quite technical, but it Nerd Tool A lot of giving. You can put this robot in your car (it has a special holder) and it works as a refillable deodorant. Super beautiful and design, it is a safe effect product and you can refill it as many times as you like, using a sponge and your favorite essential oil. Take it home for €2.99 with shipments of €1.99.

The fourth device is very practical Multi USB charger: 1 socket, 4 inputs to recharge multiple devices at the same time. Very compact, and with different security systems, you can take this tape home For 2.60€ with shipments of 1.90€.

Finally, a nice one Wireless charging system. The perfect design pad to keep on the desk to save a little charge – when needed – for smartphones and wearables. Very aesthetically pleasing, and practical to use, you can get it for 4.99 € with absolutely free shipping. Put it in the cart And – before completing the order – apply the code “QUPB7CIF”.

Visible? The Black Friday 2021 It won’t officially start yet amazon, But there is certainly no shortage of opportunities. Choose your favorite Less than 5 euros.

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